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TALARURUS plicatospineus

Meaning Of Name: Basket Tail
Classification: ANKYLOSAURIA; Ankylosauridae
Age: Late Cretaceous (Santonian), Tayn Shireh Formation
Locality: Gobi Desert, South Eastern Peoples' Republic of Mongolia
Cast Size: 450cm in length

This skeleton has the squat posture typical of ankylosaurs.

Talarurus had a broad, hippopotamus-like chest, and its body was covered in bony nodules (dermal ossicles) that were formed in the skin. This ankylosaur also had a heavily armoured head, so it would have been difficult for all but the largest of carnivores to threaten it.

The bony armour may also have been helpful in regulating body temperature.

Although an almost complete skeleton of Talarurus exists, it is yet to be completely described in the scientific literature.