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Meaning Of Name: Ancient giant crocodile
Classification: THERAPSIDA; Eotheriodontia; Family Eotitanosuchidae
Age: Late Permian, Zone I, 255 million years ago
Locality: Ocher, Perm Region, Russia
Cast Size: 35cm in length

Skull of a sabre-toothed predatory reptile in the Eotheriodontia. Preserved in flood deposits containing many skeletons of estemmenosuchusids.

The skull on display is of a juvenile animal. An adult skull would likely reach about 1 metre in length. Like Biarmosuchus this mammal-like reptile was quite primitive in that the temporal open just behind the eye socket in the skull was small. The temporal opening is the site for the attachment (insertion) of masses of muscle that closed the lower jaw. In more advanced mammal-like reptiles, the temporal opening is larger, thus allowing for a large suite of muscles, and thus a stronger and more versatile bite